All Wado Trophy
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All Wado Trophy 2022

All Wado Trophy 2022 welcomes all Wadoryu practitioners from all Wado organisations and affiliations to compete together. Sadly, due to circumstances in the world outside our control the event has been cancelled for 2022. 

All Wado Trophy 2022

The competition format

All Wado Trophy was created already 2013 to allow all Wadoryu practitioners all over the world to compete together. All Wado Trophy is open for ages 10 years and up, no rank requirements. 

The competition will be officiated under Olympic WKF rules and the kata division will be limited to Wado kata that include Five Pinan Kata, Wanshu, Rohai, Niseishi, Naihanchi, Seishan, Chinto, Jitte, Jion, Bassai and Kushanku. Organisation and Dojo specific variations for kata will be allowed.

  • Kumite 

    Kumite is officiated under Olympic WKF rules. Protective gear for teeth, hands, legs and feet in blue and/or red is mandatory for all participants as well as chest protection  for female competitors 14 years (Cadet) and older. Competition belts (red/blue) are to be used by participants. Kumite is for 10 years of age and older.


    Kata is officiated under Olympic WKF rules. Organisation and Dojo variations of Wado kata is allowed.
    Competition belts (red/blue) are to be used by participants. Kata is for 10 years of age and older. 


    Duo is an exhibition fighting format for demonstrating pre-arranged combat in pairs. The Duo demonstration can include any Wado techniques such as punches, kicks, sweeps, takedowns, throws, locks and much more. 
    Duo is a 'mixed open class' for participants 16 years of age or older. 


Wadoryu Karate Sweden & KKSF

All Wado Trophy is hosted and arranged by Wadoryu Karate Sweden & Kungsängens Kampsport och Självförsvarsförening managed by Wadoryu Karate Sweden cheif
instructor Johan Ossa 5th Dan JKF Wadokai, 4th Dan WIKF. Wadoryu Karate Sweden
of Korona Wadokai & KKSF are affiliated members of JKF Wadokai. 

Where & When

All Wado Trophy is held in Vallentuna 35 km north of Stockholm Sweden.


Any Wado practitioner at age 10 and above is welcome to participate regardless rank, organisation, branch or affiliation. As long as you practice Wadoryu - you are invited. All participants sign up as part of an arbitrary team. 

Financial information

Entry fee is €30 per class for non-members
of the Swedish Karate Federation 


Plase feel free to contact us for further information
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All Wado Trophy is held in Vallentuna - 35 km north of Stockholm, Sweden.
Stockholm Arlanda Airport is just 20 km by car/taxi and several hotels at your choice are available close by.